Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sense and Svensk Ability

This Friday's edition of Whiskey Break!™ was brought to this fair clan by an intrepid though mysterious fellow who shall remain unnamed yet much appreciated.
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Mackmyra is Sweden's first and fine entry into the single malt brewing regime. A golden nectar that oil-slips 'cross tongue; the liquid, languid and wan, verily wafts through thorax. A trail of chest warmth lingers as if to reassure.

So, yeah. Pretty good stuff. We here at Whiskey Break!™ were in firm agreement. Perhaps lacking the depth of flavour of a healthy Scotch, the finish of this single malt is superb.

And then one day, the depth will come. After all, the Swedes only started distilling whiskey in 1999. One wonders what wonders are too follow. Naturally, the Whiskey Break!™ had to make the trek back to Sweden, and take up arms to those Swedes! Damn you! How do you get this good, this fast?!

Sadly, Whiskey Break!™ bade a fond farewell to long time denizen, Joe. (Indeed, I was tossing around the idea of calling this post, Masters and Commanders, but, oh well, Austen won out, da bitch. Always heard she was a bit of a scratcher.) It was revealed to fellow breakers that Joe may have actually been the source and inspiration for the introduction of Whiskey Break!™ to API, if not the Netherlands more generally. So, cheers to Joe and family, to them naught but joy and happiness.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chamonix sampler shindig

This week's Whiskey Break!™ sees our motley assortment boozing it up on the bucolic slopes of Mont Blanc, in appreciation of a now erstwhile collegue, Rafael, who is reportedly from the region (nice!). Upon his departure from API, Rafael tossed our way a bottle of the fine 10 year Laphroaig -- a raspy little number that immediately prompted a musical breakout -- percussive Scotch bottle boxes.

Atop o' this bounty, Joe produced a selection of sampler, which included the Glenlivet, the excellent Aberfeldy 12, and a slippery-smooth Tomintoul 16.

So, thanks to Rafael for the 'phroaig and all here at API wish him well. Cheers from the slopes of Chamonix!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dimple and Pinch

No, the titular phrase is not a reference to some hitherto unknown, yet charming Saturday morning cartoon buddy show. And rest assured; though loaded with silky charm, there is nothing remotely cartoon-ish about this week's whiskey selection.

Whiskey Break!™ brought forth the fine blended 15 yr Dimple, an award-winning mix first produced in 1888 by John Aloysius Haig. Oddly, Dimple is otherwise known as Pinch in the US.

Our destination this week is the seat of that same said Haig company and, more importantly, the site of Dimple production, Edinburgh. Finally, after weeks of wandering the forests of Canada and Guatemala, Whiskey Break! has landed in the very seat of bonny Scotland.

Though somewhat hesitant in introducing a "blend" to the week's event -- concerned about violating some standing, single malt tradition -- it was quickly pointed out that the single most important "tradition" at Whiskey Break!™ is whiskey. Period. Furthermore, recent incursions by foreign liquor -- namely rum -- suggest that this putative tradition is anything but.

The selection of Dimple/Pinch was made for the fact that me ol' Dad imbibed the Pinch whiskey blend long before the single malt craze began sweeping the mass market. So, in celebration of Dad's past birthday, August 6, the Whiskey Break crowd raised a glass in toast, not only to Dad, but to long time Whiskey Break!™ brahman Michael and his twin brother, Bill.

Cheers, Dad. Hope all is well.