Friday, July 24, 2009

Banffshire Booze Hounds

Well, folks, Whiskey Break this week hit off with a splendid 12 year Cragganmore single malt, from the windswept dunes of Banffshire.

Rather enjoying the Canadian Rockies than barren Scottish coastlines, Whiskey Break nestled around the Banff Springs Hotel. We look like a band of giant tree gnomes, about to pounce on the Springs and relieve the elegant place of any remaining Scotch.

Cheers and Happy Malts!

Friday, July 17, 2009

B'more and B'more

Well folks, things hit off well this week with a replay of the Auchentoshan and a lovely Islay Bowmore. We had an international request to hold Whiskey Break in Baltimore, and here it is.

So, by popular demand, Whiskey Break in Baltimore's inner harbour.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Auchentoshan Bungle in the Jungle

Here is Whiskey Break, enjoying the sunny environs of Guatemala, which is where we should have been last time, logistics then proving beyond our ken at the time. Which is not surprising. Whiskey Break often renders many things beyond our ken by the time the bottle is offed.

Woo hoo! A double whammy today, folks. John managed to pull a Glenmorangie,"by the sixteen men of Tain," out of Madrid, while the Whiskey Break group coaxed Martin's secret, though not well hidden, gift bottle of Auchentoshan.

This proved exciting for most, as no one had ever had a punch from the single cask, 60% (!), 11 year (1999) old malt. Shockingly aromatic, to say the least, as the fumes hit well afore fluid touched tongue.