Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dimple and Pinch

No, the titular phrase is not a reference to some hitherto unknown, yet charming Saturday morning cartoon buddy show. And rest assured; though loaded with silky charm, there is nothing remotely cartoon-ish about this week's whiskey selection.

Whiskey Break!™ brought forth the fine blended 15 yr Dimple, an award-winning mix first produced in 1888 by John Aloysius Haig. Oddly, Dimple is otherwise known as Pinch in the US.

Our destination this week is the seat of that same said Haig company and, more importantly, the site of Dimple production, Edinburgh. Finally, after weeks of wandering the forests of Canada and Guatemala, Whiskey Break! has landed in the very seat of bonny Scotland.

Though somewhat hesitant in introducing a "blend" to the week's event -- concerned about violating some standing, single malt tradition -- it was quickly pointed out that the single most important "tradition" at Whiskey Break!™ is whiskey. Period. Furthermore, recent incursions by foreign liquor -- namely rum -- suggest that this putative tradition is anything but.

The selection of Dimple/Pinch was made for the fact that me ol' Dad imbibed the Pinch whiskey blend long before the single malt craze began sweeping the mass market. So, in celebration of Dad's past birthday, August 6, the Whiskey Break crowd raised a glass in toast, not only to Dad, but to long time Whiskey Break!™ brahman Michael and his twin brother, Bill.

Cheers, Dad. Hope all is well.

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