Saturday, September 12, 2009

Deep Space Nine

Ok. So there were considerably more than nine Whiskey Breakers!™ for this week's lounge and leisure event. But, the theme of space was forced upon us -- not that it takes much -- by nonresident proceedings, as NASA and Space Telescope Science Institute had only just released the latest images from the once-more newly restored Hubble Space Telescope. This amidst the US-Dutch celebrations of a 400 year trade relationship that saw the Empire State building lit orange for the Dutch Royals visit, as well the American Consul in Amsterdam opening the new Beer Temple, promising a vast selection of fine American craft beer -- 30 taps, 80 bottles. Overall, a fine week for both science and suds.

So, with all that on the plate, as well as the return of long-lost Whiskey Break!™ colleague, Mike, it came upon a trusty bottle of Laphroiag, "the world's most richly flavoured Scotch whisky," to carry us forth in clamour and cheer. Fortunately, our vigorous green friend had been well hidden and remained in waiting for what would prove to be a large and robust gathering of Friday revelers.

Our location this week sees Whiskey Break!™ deep in the monstrous folds of lensing cluster Abell 370, which sports some truly wondrous lensed arcs. Al makes his first appearance here at the Break! because, well, he's always up for the toss of a dram -- or so we hear -- especially after having predicted gravitational lensing and finally getting to see some pictures of it, after all those unsatisfying years of technological inadequacy. That's worth a shot, at the very least.

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