Friday, December 18, 2009

'Twas the nigh

It was a somewhat quiet, sincere whiskey break this eve. What with most soon tossing off hither and yon for festivus, a somberish tone was the order of the end of the day. A pair of fine notes were on tap, the benevolent triple distilled Auchentoshan Classic (not sure what the coconut means) and the lovely 12 year Bunnahabhain. Down the silky sisters went, amid various tales of restive holiday travel, woe, or otherwise. Mostly woe, though.

Nonetheless, we've got a grand fine coat of snow here now, and hopefully it will hang around for awhile. This is, at least to this blog's wastrel scrivener, much preferred to the usual local conditions. Hope springs forth from this weather development! Stay cold! Skating on the canals! Gads, that would be grand. An entirely appropriate winter wonderland experience, despite the Copenhagen summit.

So, there it is, folks. The final whiskey break of the year has passed (we still await a photo of our Christman tree decorating whiskey break, and the culprit who reads this will know who he is). But anon, gentle readers. We sally forth, witlessly and not, into the new year of 2010. 2010! Imagine.

Weren't we supposed to living on Mars by now?

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