Saturday, February 6, 2010

News Flash! Major Antarctic Find: Shackleton's Whisky Stash Unearthed

Exciting news, people. Exciting news.

It's just like when they find a Van Gogh in an attic somewhere, only better. Because it's Whisky!
Five crates of Scotch whisky and two of brandy have been recovered by a team restoring an Antarctic hut used more than 100 years ago by famed polar explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Ice cracked some of the bottles that had been left there in 1909, but the restorers said Friday they are confident the five crates contain intact bottles ''given liquid can be heard when the crates are moved.''

New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust team leader Al Fastier said the team thought there were two crates and were amazed to find five.

Current distillery owner, drinks group Whyte & Mackay, launched the bid to recover the Scotch whisky for samples to test and decide whether to relaunch the defunct spirit made by distiller McKinlay and Co.
The question now becomes: how does the WB tribe get our trembling hands upon some of this Mackinlay’s “Rare and Old”?

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