Friday, October 30, 2009

Into the Breach

In continuance of the miserable performance of Whiskey Break!™ 's shirking scrivener, it falls upon said same to once again regale anxious WB! followers with tales of far away lands and clutches of (usually) single malt.

Though not in attendance for the weeks-ago Whiskey Break!™ locals hinted toward a reportedly marvelous 12 year old Caol Ila, this blog's doused notary was informed that the "Ila" was a very fine selection, one those failing in appearance might like to have sampled. Happily, such ex post facto wishes were to be met the very next week, as we shall see in the follow-on posts.

Without attendance, reporting on that week's revelry is necessarily diminished. Nonetheless, WB!™ participants conjured up an excellent photo, complete with some creative additions: regulars offering a presence of spirit, we might say.

From the bonny gates of Southhampton!

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