Friday, October 30, 2009


With this blog's humbling scribe finally off-loading a backlog of WB!™ reports, last week saw Whiskey Break!™ on the verge of the daylight savings roll-back to standard time. Which naturally meant a trip to the prime meridian, where conflicted calendar date space reigns supreme. Which is one way of saying that one side of the table was a day behind the booze train, and fighting to catch up.

And while time and other things may have been lost, rest assured gentle readers, the Scotch was not!

And, my, was there a pleasing palette of performers on stage that day. Some of the glorious Highland Park was carried over from our days on the decks at Scapa Flow, while new entries hit the table, with a fine offering of The Balvenie "DoubleWood," and the "Sopishticated Islay Single Malt," Bruichladdich. Lest the uninitiated wonder as to this label's quality and kind, Bruichladdich proudly announces itself with a single overbearing word: PEAT.

Question Time produce some consensus: suprisingly, the Bruichladdich proved weakest of the lot, though surely up against some stiff competition. WB!™ revelers nodded between the Balvenie and the Highland Park, with the firm and robust Highland Park getting the final nod on the evening.

Nonetheless, an extremely successful Whiskey Break!™ with some highly commendable entries. Here, kind readers, was the line-up, looking a little worse for wear at the end of a long day.

Cheers anon!


  1. Highland Park 12 is what I brought to our recent Whisky Break here in Berkeley. Lovely stuff!