Friday, October 30, 2009

Scotch Flow, Scapa Flow

Betwixt the barrels of 14 inch guns with a view to the hulk of the HMS Hood might seem like an odd place for Whiskey Break!™ revelers to find themselves positioned, but fear and puzzle not, good readers!

We've never believed that function follows form. That's just something architects tell themselves because they have no idea how anything works. At Whiskey Break!™, our form clearly follows function, the function here being downing drams of the smashing Highland Park 12. And there really is no telling what form will follow from that. Rest assured, however, that there is some method to the oddness.

Scapa Flow, Britain's once "booming" naval shipyard, also happens to be near an institution whose function is considerably less damaging than turreted monster deck-guns: The Highland Park distillery is located in Kirkwal in the Orkney Islands and happens to sport a hillside view overlooking Scapa Flow. Don't those gun barrels make so much sense now?

Besides, Highland Park is located in neither the Highlands nor in an actual park -- though it has been argued that all of Scotland is, in fact, a park, one populated by peaty Scots who spend their grey, damp days brewing up the world's most varied and invigorating liquor. And for that, we thank them.

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